Lock Group International

Business To BusinessSolutions Provider

Lock Group International is a company that provides highly valuable business to business solutions, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

Since Lock Group International is active globally, we encourage our website visitors to access the platform which best suits their location in order to benefit from exclusive regional deals.

About Us

A company founded for excellence!

Lock Group International provides high quality business to business services at competitive prices. Our objective is to become one of the leading business solutions provider, with a focus on online services and opportunities. Lock Group International has established on October 14th 2022 its first business venture – Lock Agency. Nonetheless, Lock Group International is planning to acquire and establish more companies as to provide an even wider range of services and digital products. 

Business Development

We can help you optimize and improve your current business plan and marketing strategies and get you where you want to be.

Digital Solutions

Lock Group International offers a wide range of international digital solutions to small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Online Integration

Let’s build your online presence the right way. We offer the whole business development pack – research, planning, implementation, maintenance.

Our Approach

Our proven workflow

We firmly believe that, in business, cooperation and planning are two essential elements that account for a project’s success and efficiency. Hence, whenever we sign on a new journey with a client, we become partners. Mutual respect, common contribution.



The first and perhaps most important step after signing with a business partner is research. This stage includes market examination, opportunity seizing and ROI estimates.


After having carefully looked into technical details, we proceed with the planning process. This stage refers to the actions concerning accurate standardized operating procedures and a precies scheduling of their implementation.



The third step of our projects is implementation. That is, of course, the immediate application of the resources scheduled previously.


Maintenance, although not mandatory if agreed upon with our business partner beforehand, refers to the actions through which one pays close attention to and rapidly adjusts different aspects of the implemented services.

We Turn Ideas Into Actions

Transforming business plans into complex, highly scalable business models is our passion. Having someone to partner with, especially when just starting out, means a lot – and we are fully aware of that. If you are ever in need of anything business related, hit us up by filling in the contact form or by sending an email to office@lockgroup.eu.

We Aim For Performance

In order to assure an effective outcome, Lock Group International follows strict step by step plans and standard operating procedures.

However, we know that every business is different and some may need additional flexibility, this is why we constantly improve and develop new SOPs and strategies. Being in touch with the trends means being in touch with your audience.

Our Business Ventures

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